• Anxiety in Children & Teens

  • This is a difficult time to be a young person. The craziness of the world keeps intruding into all our lives. We try to give our kids and teens a safe, happy childhood expereince, but all too often, the harsh realities of life creep in. Children may cry for no reason, they may have headaches or stomach aches, they may seem upset or withdrawn, they may become angry and defiant, they may have nightmares or trouble sleeping — and, all the while, they aren’t really able to tell us what’s wrong. Often they don’t know themselves. Even when things seem to be going smoothly, such as when a child or teen seems to be doing well amidst a parental divorce for instance, they may be harboring a lot of painful feelings inside. The main thing to know about kids and teens with anxiety, is that it often won’t express itself directly. It will show itself somewhere else, and you have to know how to look for it and how to see it. Keep in mind — anxious kids are often the easiest to raise, because they put so much pressure on themselves. Often these are the kids who want to please and want to do well. But that doesn’t mean that the pressure they put on themselves, and the stress they’re feeling inside, is healthy.

    This is something that I can help you with. If you have concerns, either because your child or teen is clearly struggling with anxiety, or possibly acting out in ways that you don’t understand, I can help your child or teen get in touch with their feelings and find clear and healthy new ways of expressing themselves and coping.