• Counseling For Children

  • Children can be delightful and they can be very challenging! I have worked with children of all ages for close to 18 years. I enjoy working with kids, and have the knowledge and experience to help them work through the emotional difficulties that lead to their sadness, anger, and acting out. Many children struggle with the pressures of modern life just as much as adults do. Gone are the days when children can be shielded from the real world. That early awareness can cause stress and other emotional and behavioral problems for children, including depression, anxiety, and feeling overwhelmed. Families also experience all the normal ups and downs, such as arguements and disagreements, moving, divorce, greiving when a family member dies or moves away, sibling conflict, step family conflict, and so many other things.

    Children can learn to identify and express their feelings in healthy and constructive ways; they can learn new coping skills that allow them to be more successful interacting with their siblings, friends, peers, teachers, and other adults. They often will express themselves through play and other indirect ways, and that is why you need someone who works with children and who understands them.

    We also live in a fast-paced and competitive society. Expectations on children are as high as ever. Even if your child is doing well, you want her or him to feel happy, strong, and at their very best. You want them to feel confident and prepared for what’s ahead. Whatever the needs of your child, you can feel confident in talking with me about those issues and charting a course toward overcoming obstacles and creating a better future for your child.