• Counseling for Teenagers

  • Raising teenagers might be the most ambitous project anyone can undertake! The emotional challenges of teenagers can be confusing and very difficult to address. You want your teenager to do well, to be successful, to have quality friends, and to move through these difficult years into a happy and productive future. The dangers and pitfalls can be many. There are a lot of obstacles along the way on this path. Drugs and alcohol, peer pressure, sex and sexuality issues, modern issues like computers and texting (and sexting!), individual identity development, academic pressures, college plans, sports and extracurricular activities, breaking up for the first time, trying to fit in and maybe not quite succeeding — all of these, along with major hormonal changes, make the teen years an emotional roller coaster. There are daily stressors and ups & downs — for both you and your teen.

    Although teens can be quite a challenge to work with, it’s a challenge that I really love! I have worked with teens from all kinds of backgrounds and with all kinds of difficulties. I feel that I am able to relate to teens, and that they are able to relate to me, in a way that allows them to take down their guard and get real about the problems they’re facing and the feelings they’re experiencing. It’s normal in the adolescent years for teens to push away from their parents and their families, and to embrace their friends as the ones they will relate to and talk with. This is normal, but it presents an extra challenge for the parents. That’s where I come in — I can be the bridge to talk with your teen in a way that draws them out and gets results. I’ll want to include you in this process whenever possible, and when it’s appropriate to do so. A big part of successfully raising a teen is knowing when to be firm, when to be gentle, when to insist, and when to back off. I would be happy to be your personal consultant on all these things.

    Please contact me and let me know what the issues are. We’ll develop a personalized plan for getting your teen on track.