• Parenting Help

  • One of the best ways you can help your kids is to be the best parent you can be. The way to do that is to focus on your own emotional health and wellbeing first.  It might seem contradictory, but as they say on the airlines, first put on your own oxygen mask, and then you can better help your child!  And it’s important to know that children’s problems are really a family issue.  Children and teens look to their parents for a sense of strength, guidance, security, and leadership.  To do the project of raising children well, you have to be at your best too.  There needs to be a mutual respect between parents and children.  Raising kids is really a process of reciprocal and mutual learning, throughout their lives.  For all these reasons, I think it is very beneficial for parents to have their own individual sessions, knowing that the stronger you become, the more your children will benefit as well.

    I can offer practical feedback and guidance for parents working with their children on specific issues, as well as help parents in a holistic way, making sure they are giving themselves the self-care and doing the self-reflection that they need and deserve.